Our Teachers and Staff!

Hello.  ​I am May Oles, teacher of our Kindergarten-First grade Montessori classroom and the teaching principal of Discover Christian School.  This will be my fifth year at Discover Christian School, but I have spent more than 30 years in the classroom. This year I have entered "semi-retirement", working part time in the classroom, as well as administrating.

Along with a degree in Elementary Education and English, I have AMS Montessori Certification.   In addition I have been blessed with plenty of "on the job" training from my own 6 children and 4 grandchildren.  My husband and I live in Durango, CO, and love to sleep in the outdoors all year round!  I like to camp and hike, and most of all enjoy riding my horses in the mountains during my summer vacation. 


*I believe children are a gift from God.

*I believe that the better I come to know my students, the more effectively  I can teach them.

*I believe that success is the greatest motivator.

* I believe that  hands-on,  real life activities should be the primary approach for young learners.

* I believe that teaching is my calling and Christian schools are my life work. 


I team teach with two amazing women:  Heidi Neal, and Kelli Larson. They cover Mondays and Tuesdays and I teach Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Mr. Les Neal is teaching our upper grades class: Grades 5-8.

Mr. Neal come to us after many years in the work force, both teaching college art and operating his own business.  Mr. Neal is a life time history buff.  He also loves to work with his hands, so projects of every kind are integrated into class time.  


Ms. Elen Montoya teaches math at DCS  for grades 5 - 8.  In her math room, work is hard, and homework is serious.    But Ms. Elen rejoices in her students' success with enthusiasm, as is often seen waving fabulous test scores with great joy!


**Please be sure to contact Ms. Elen directly if there is any problem with homework. 

Pastor Wayne Gayton is a vital member of our team.   In addition to  leading  us in a weekly worship service,  Pator Wayne teaches chimes to our older students.  He is supportive of our school in many ways, including holding us in prayer!  His open, playful spirit lets kids know that it is fun to be God's person.


Mr. Larson has spent over 30 years teaching in SDA schools across the country. He and his wife, Kelli have 2 grown daughters.  Mr. Larson spends most of his time in the 2-3-4 Classroom, but teaches math to all students in grades 2-8.

He has a strong reading program, takes his students to the nursing home to sing, and teaches upper grades math.  

Spending time in the outdoors is important to Mr. Larson, and he even rides his bike to school as often as possible.