Beautiful materials
Systematic Phonics

Hands on alphabet letters and objects add interest to early spelling practice.  In this way, childern who are reluctant writers can still develop spelling skills.

\The Montessori classroom emphasizes the importance of beautiful all natural materials.  All actvities are sequenced from left to right, from simple to complex, from parts to the whole.  This ensures success and mastery as well.

In the practical life area , objects and tools from everyday life are used to practice multi-step  sequential processes, good work habits and attention to detail.  These activities are soothing for a child who has been involved in academic challenges in other areas.

Because each child is progressing at his/her own pace, there is an atmosphere of concentration and saisfaction as our small community goes about its work.

Practical life skills
Peaceful environment

Montessori Kindergarten/1st Grade Classroom


The Montessori Method inspires our approach to our Youngers classroom.  Individualized instruction along with a commitment to hands-on lessons brings enthusiasm to evey day!